Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New "Christmas Trees"

This is definitely a rushed post... I'm ready for bed!! As I was thinking about pictures that will show what is going on at our house this Christmas, I thought about how we love the traditions and pulling out the familiar stuff, but was there anything new this year? And, did I really WANT to try to incorporate anything new. Then, I realized that we did have something new this year. We have 2 beautiful hibiscus plants that I brought in for the winter. I have already posted about my aversion to gardening, but container plants are more my speed. These had bloomed and grown so faithfully this spring and summer, so I didn't want to lose them to the cold weather. So, I brought them into the house to see if I could keep them alive. I added "watering the plants" to each child's chore schedule so the plants will get watered every other day. Well, they have continued to bloom...and are doing great! And, since the lights we used on the Mustang for the parade we just lying around, we decided to light up our new trees. So, here they are...with lights off, and then the lights on. And, having these in the house gives us a place to put any ladybugs we find in the house!


Anonymous said...

Wondering if anyone has tried the Aqua Globes from Harriet Carter?

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

lovely lit hibiscus!

Aiya!! I haven't even brought all of my plants in!!! Man, I've been off lately.