Monday, December 31, 2007

Vacation! Etc...

Well...I'm sitting here with the 4 youngest watching an episode of the Justice League. Do you remember that show? Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, The Flash, Jean Jones... fighting crime. We got the season 1 collection and are loving it. We also got season 1 and 2 of Gilligan's Island. Now THAT is great! I used to race home after school and watch Gilligan with my brother. We could identify any episode within about 10 seconds. I love the one where the mad scientist comes to the island to "rescue" the gang. Then, he takes them to his secret island lab and switches their brains. Gilligan switches with Mr. Howell, Skipper with Mrs. Howell, Maryann with Professor, and Ginger with Igor (the scientists sidekick). I also like the one when Gilligan finds a box of vegetable seeds. They grow a garden but don't realize that the seeds are radioactive. Gilligan eats spinich and gets super strength...Maryann eats carrots and gets super sight. Mrs. Howell eats sugar beets and gets super energy. The kids have loved them.
We had a quiet Christmas day. I made a nice lunch and we spent the day with the toys and trying to clean up the mess. On Thursday, we went over to Roger's sister's house for dinner. We had a nice time with Peter, Grace, and all the Davis family. Josh, our nephew, was here and brought his girlfriend, Maggie. I have to say that it makes me feel old to see him with a girl. I met Josh when he was he's 23! On Saturday, my aunt, uncle, and brother came over for a little Christmas celebration.
Zack left on Thursday with the band to go to Orlando and march in the Citrus Bowl Parade. He's called us every day and sounds good. He is having a good time, but we're ready for him to come home. They leave on Tuesday and get back Wed. evening.
We don't have any plans for New Year's Eve. Katie is having a couple friends over to spend the night. I like it that the ball in New York falls at 11:00 p.m. so we don't have to wait until midnight to watch it fall.
I'm trying to get stuff done while we're on vacation. I broke it to the kids that I want them to each do one lesson of school each day this week. They took it well... Katie is one week behind in her history, so this will help her catch up. I also have my list of things to get done. I try to get one or two done each day. I love crossing things off the list! We took the tree down last night, but it will probably take Roger a couple of days to get it, and all the Christmas stuff, up in the attic.
Hope everyone has had a great Christmas and has a safe New Year.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

PTL for Vacation

There is no way for kids to ever understand that parents and teachers can be as excited...or more excited...that vacation is here!! I adore my children. I love being able to have them home and teaching them. But, thank you Lord! As much as I love homeschooling, to do it right requires time, energy and effort. What a treat to have the freedom relax for a little while. I am so excited to have time to get a few things done. "What things?", you may ask. I'm going to read a couple magazines, watch some movies with the kids (they're getting the 2nd season of Gilligan's Island for Christmas), do a little cleaning and clearing out, play some games (Katie is getting a Horseopoly I'm sure we'll be busy with that), and just anything we feel like. We'll be getting together with Roger's family on Thursday and my family will be here on Saturday.
Last night we gathered at the church and had a movie night. We watched "The Nativity Story". If you haven't had a chance to see this movie, let me just encourage you to get a copy of it. It will become a movie you will want to make a part of your yearly tradition. It is such a wonderful movie. We had popcorn and drinks and watched the movie in the worship center. It was a great way to spend the evening.
I wish I had something more interesting to write. I'll try to squeeze in more on my wonderful, lazy vacation! Have a wonderful Christmas

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Better Habits

OK, I know it's not quite New Year's Day yet, but I'm considering some things... I'm not usually someone who feels that the same old resolutions every year are necessary. Why wait until Jan. 1? But I think the Lord is trying to show me some changes that I need to look to...

One thing is time management. I've actually spent a lot of time and energy getting myself organized and getting our home running pretty smoothly. However, there are a few things that I think can stand some improvement...OK, several things, but one at a time :-)

Computer Time! I'm spending way too much time on the computer. It takes me about 20 minutes to do my "morning computer stuff". Then, I do school with the kids and the computer is on the whole time. The problem is that I continue to "browse" throughout the day and before I know it, I've "surfed" an hour away. So, I'm going to limit myself to only 20 minutes before school...then time only after the kids have gone to bed.

Kids' Chores! Ok, I know they aren't going to willingly do chores, but over the last few months, I've let their consistancy slide, and now, things just aren't getting done. Right now, we start school at 8:30. We eat at noon and then the go back to their work. They do their chores after their school work. Well, it's just not working. So, when Christmas vacation begins, I'm going to have them do their chores immediately after they get ready for the day. Then, when school starts back up again, I'll have them do their chores before school time. It's not like they do a ton of chores any way. If they get to it, each day's chores wouldn't take more than about 15 minutes. But, they are experts at dragging them out for hours! And, I feel that it's difficult to ask Zack to do a lot because he's in school all day. But, I need to get over that! Kids all over the country go to school and do chores every day!

Sleeping! I am so not a morning person...but I SO want to be! I stay up way to late and regret it every morning. Can I do it? Can I actually go to sleep at a decent hour? I'm going to try and go to bed at 10:30 each night. I'm going to set a small goal. How about going to bed at 10:30 Sunday through Thursday, and then give myself permission to stay up on the weekend, if I want to.

The ice storm has basically brought the state of OK to a standstill. My brother came over and spent the night last night. He has no power and the electric company isn't anticipating getting it turned on until the weekend. His house was down to 44 degrees on Monday night. He came over and then went to Atwoods to buy a generator. The news showed Lowes and Home Depot in looked crazy. They had gotten a truck load of generators and they were all sold within 2 hours. These were the $900 ones! Greg got a small one that will make his pellet stove work and a few lights. Now, it looks like it will probably snow Friday night...which would be really fun, but It's Angel Food Saturday and I'm supposed to go to Centerton to pick up a truck load of food. So, it should be exciting.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cozy Days and Good Deals

Well, I went to the dreaded Walmart last night. Because of the impending ice storm, the place was pretty bare...of people and bread! Nice!
Nate had an upset tummy on Sunday morning, so Roger stayed home. Zane stayed home too. The rest of us went to church... It was a perfect day for staying home, but I'm always glad when I go. I started taking sign ups for another year of secret pals. We had our big "revealing party" last week. There were 23 of us and we had a ball. I really love doing secret pals. It's good to finish the year and then begin again in January.
Roger and I had a tiff... OK, acutally, I got offended and he hardly noticed! He made a generalization about something I know, used a word like "always", "never", "usually", "hardly ever". Well, I know he probably didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but he did. I told him so and he said I should get over it. Well, I let it ruin my attitude the whole day. And, he didn't even notice! I was very quiet, sighed a lot, didn't participate in conversation...all the usual ways I try to make him feel the need to find out what he did wrong! All to no avail. I just finished reading "Created To Be His Helpmeet" and I'm sure Debi Pearl would not approve! The comment had to do with my organization and cooking...2 areas I'm a little sensitive about. The funny thing is that when I read the letters that the author receives from other women, I count my lucky stars that I have a man like Roger. He has had to put up with a lot! Anyway, with the forcast calling for ice, AWANA was cancelled. I even got a nap. The list of things to do around the house was calling...which I very nicely ignored as I got cozy under my down comforter for a Sun. afternoon nap.
After pancakes/eggs/bacon for dinner, I made my way to WM. I got some good ad matching deals...USA Drug had Kellogg's cereal 2/$4, which WM matched. I had coupons for $1 off each box. So, I got 13 boxes of cereal for $1 each! I love it when that happens! I also had 9 coupons for a free package of cat treats...worth about $10. In all, I saved about $40. That makes it worth going to Walmart.
Today, I was so sure school would be cancelled, but the roads were only wet, no real ice. I only had to get out twice today to take Zane to band and then pick him up. No piano for the rest of the year, so no need to pick up Zack from school. Over the last couple of years I have developed a real aversion to driving! I have completely morped from someone who loves to be out and about...into someone that loves being home with nowhere to go. Of course, if I'm home, there's always stuff to do...
Well, as I predicted, I don't really have anything exciting to write...I'm boring!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pass Your Plate

I'm sitting on the couch with my sweet 4th born. Sam is 8 and is a fun guy. It's been very drizzly and foggy today. Roger got the digging done pretty quick! What a guy!
This morning, my friend Rebecca and I went to my latest favorite thing...Pass Your Plate. You can check it out at I've been twice and am loving it. It is a place where you do you meal preparation...then you bring home fabulous meals to a clean kitchen without all the spent energy of shopping, chopping, dicing, and cleaning. You pick the meals you want to make and pay for them online. When you show up, your name is on a shelf with your materials ready to go. You also have a shelf in the freezer to store your meals while you're there. Everything is so neat and orderly. It is so fun! Why is that? Walking out the door with a laundry basket with 10 or more meals just feels so good! And these aren't your cream-of-soup casseroles either. How about Crandberry Stuffed Pork Roast? Or Slow-Cooker Pot Pie? Or, Meditteranean Chicken with Couscous? This is the stuff you get from a restaurant. You can get full entrees, or have them split so you get twice the meals for those that have smaller families. I'm thinking of getting some for my brother for Christmas. He's 36, single, and eats out almost every day. He lives in Tulsa and they have 2 in Tulsa now. Pass Your Plate will even let you order your meals and make them for you. All you do is pick them up. Isn't that great!!
Today, I went with my friend Rebecca and she tried it for the first time today...and I got a free entree for referring that is fun! I got the Chicken Manicotti.
Tonight we will be going to the clinic Christmas party. The kids are excited.

Friday, December 7, 2007

And Here We Go!!!

Well, I'm sitting here thinking I know how this will go...but what the heck! I love the idea of keeping in touch with friends and family, but truly, I just don't think I'll have anything interesting to write!
Let's see...what went on this week? School with the kids, church, school, swimming, school, tae kwan do, school, Lego League, school, etc.... Throw in the usual cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, shopping, etc...and there you have it! My life.
Zane had a big swim meet this past weekend. For sitting at a humid, indoor pool 6 hours to see your kid have about 8 minutes of action, it's our sport of choice. I took my stamping with me on Sunday and got most of my Christmas cards done, so that's good. Zane improved his times in all 8 events. AND, this meet was put on by Ocean Spray and all the goodie bags had bottles of Cran-Apple! My favorite. Anyway, on Sunday, I sat at a table with all the left over goodie bags. One of the workers came by and told me we could take as many as we wanted because they couldn't store them. So, I came home with about 20 bottles! Talk about tightwad heaven!
Zack is in Mountain Home tonight on a school trip with the Lego League. I'm never quite comfortable having him gone. Someone's going to be mean to him...I just know it. And, I won't be there to knock their block off! We know one of the kids that is also going, and he's prone to sleepover antics (putting shaving cream on a sleeper's face, trying to make sleepers wet the bed, etc...), so I asked that Zack be in a room with a parent. Still...I hate the idea that he will ever experience any of the bad stuff that comes with putting together all those kids with raging hormones. Lord, please protect him.
Tomorrow, Roger is going to begin digging a space for us to build an unattached garage. We've been saving for a while, but were discouraged to realize that the cement pad cost 1/2 as much as the garage itself. So, he's going to do it himself. It will take longer, but probably save us about $2500. So he's excited to get to use a backhoe tomorrow.
One fun thing I did this week was visit Pass Your Plate, over in Springdale. You pay to assemble dinner entrees. Everything is chopped, diced, cleaned...the works. And, the food is great! Katie and I have enjoyed doing it together. I love it! It's one of my recent favorite things.
Well, not much else right now. I'm going to quit so I can see my blog from the other side!