Thursday, December 4, 2008

Candles of Christmas

Wow! I've posted for 4 days in a row! I'm feeling some pressure now... But, I've enjoyed keeping my eyes open for Christmas snippets... Today's picture is about my candles. I imagine that everyone loves the look of candles. I like candles too, especially at Christmastime...but they really need to have a good scent for me to really love them. Lately, I've been a little disappointed with my Yankee Candles. I don't smell anything unless I'm really close to them. Anyway, I'm sharing some pics of my all-time favorite brand of candles. These are sold by Partylite. Why do I love them? For one thing, they burn clear. Once you light it, and let it burn for a little while, the whole thing turns to liquid wax. It's just so pretty. That leads me to another reason I love them... since they turn to liquid when they burn, that means they burn straight down... so when the candle is done, there's nothing left. Finally, the smell is fabulous. I'm a baking scent kinda girl...I like vanilla, cinnamon, cinnamon roll, etc... I like a few other scents, like lavender or anything citrusy... but baking scents are my favorite, especially around the holidays. So, here they are...
You can see a little before/after in these shots. The tea light below heats the wax above. (Ignore the center of the wax where my son poked his finger during the last time it cooled down.)
In the second set of pics, I wasn't patient enough to take the picture after the candles had completely melted... but hopefully, you get the idea.

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