Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas the Cat

What would Christmas be without animals? The truth is, I'm not what you would call an "animal lover". Don't get me wrong...I like animals, but I'm not someone that's going to treat an animal like my baby, let it eat from the table, buy it a burial plot, etc... Not that there's anything wrong with that! It's fine, if that's who you are! But, it's not me. However, I do love having a cat sleeping at your feet. If contentment had a sound, it would be the sound of purring. So, for my December Photo Project, here is a picture of our cat. His name is Christmas. We call him Chris. We got him on Christmas 5 years ago. I was looking at the blogs of other people doing the DPP and came across a gal named Clare who had a picture of her cat on her blog...he looks just like Chris! The funny thing is that we joke that Chris has his "other family", because he will disappear for a day or two...then show up and stay with us for a few days. We joke that he goes to be with his "other family", but he always comes back to us. So, I showed the kids the picture and I emailed Clare and explained that we think she may be our cat's "other family". She got a kick out of it. It would be quite a trek for Chris since Clare lives in another state! Anyway, here he is... our Christmas kitty.


Clare said...

Adorable. I love that his name is Christmas. It's perfect. Just as fluffy and soft as our Myla. Thanks for posting the picture!

Loveandadoor said...

I never even knew you had a cat!
Too fun

Shan said...

KITTY!! Squeeeeeee...I would do everything but the burial plot for a cat. ;)