Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas in Branson

Well, we're back. We left Friday evening and spent 2 nights in Branson. We used the last of our free passes to Silver Dollar City. We'd not been there during Christmas before, so we decided to face the crowds and go on Saturday. It wasn't bad... at least it wasn't bad at first. The lighting ceremony was at 5:30, and then it was crowded. So, we left. We'd been there since 2:00 that afternoon and we were ready to get back to the condo. I had taken my crock pot and there was chicken and veggies waiting. So, for my DPP photo for Dec. 14, here we are at Silver Dollar City.


Suzanne said...

What fun. So glad you got to get away. I haven't been during's on the wish list:)

Anonymous said...

love you!!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Fun, fun!!
We usually avoid December because of the crowds, but I've heard that the lights are just amazing.

And what a great idea to bring a crock pot!!

Lynn said...

Did you stay at Stormy Point? Are they letting you split days? When we signed up they weren't. I love that pic. with the big chair. We've taken photo's there also, and I love the look!! We usually go at Christmas, but we are missing this year. FYI, after Christmas they still have all the lights, and EVERYTHING is on sale!!