Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Begun!

It's day number 2 in the Christmas Picture Challenge. Here's what I dealt with today.
The Christmas goodies are already stacking up...and it's only Dec. 2!! The cake in the pan is the last piece leftover from my daughter's 3 birthday cakes! I used to feel sorry for people that had holiday birthdays, but I'm not feeling so sorry anymore. Since her birthday usually falls on or around Thanksgiving, we usually have a family celebration on her actual birthday. Then, we celebrate again with our extended family when we get together on Thanksgiving day. But, she doesn't have her party with her friends until later because they're all busy with their families. So, she gets to have a week long celebration. That's why she had 3 birthday cakes...and she made 2 of them herself :-). In the picture is also a brownie leftover from some purchases at a bake sale, a baggie with homemade pumpkin bread. The plate has leftover goodies from our secret pal party last night. The other 3 items are gifts from my secret pal...Miss Maita (who was a super secret pal, by the way). So, I'm being very agreeable when the kids ask for dessert these days because if they don't eat it, I will! They're able to work it all of much easier than I am. Of course, I could just throw it all away...but I wouldn't want to be wasteful, now would I? :-)

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

See, there are positives about having bdays around the holidays! Fred's is the 15th of this month. Adelia's is Christmas Eve, so she will have LOTS of goodies!!
(and why didn't I think of having my kids make their own cakes?? They would LOVE that!)