Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Transitions

Do you ever have one of those days when all is right with the world? As the kids are finishing one subject in school after another, our homeschooling time is less and less. And, with the beautiful weather, it's a good thing that we're spending less time on school, because then I would be very grouchy! I have finished some major, time consuming projects in the last week, and I can really feel the weight lifted. It's funny, because I don't feel particularly weighted down during that time, but when it's over, it's obvious to me that I've been a little stressed. And, my family thinks I'm a lot nicer afterwards :-)

Anyway, there have been some afternoons where I actually didn't really have anything to do, or plan, or ponder, etc... (except of course the regular household stuff, which I promptly put off!). I've been doing less driving too, which I LOVE to not do...OK Becky, I'm certain that is NOT the way to write that, but I'm going to go with all know what I mean. One afternoon I took my magazine and my drink out to the chair under our big tree and sat there for a full 30 minutes. The dogs slept at my feet while I looked at a couple of outdated magazines and catalogs. Then, I threw them away! The weather has been glorious...perfect in my opinion. Not too hot, nice breezes...wonderful.

I got my suitcase down last night. One list that I have enjoyed making is what to take on my trip. I'm so very excited, but I'm already missing my family. I've never been away from all of them for this long...8 days. And, I must say, I feel a little guilty for being so excited to do something they aren't going to be a part of. Not guilty enough to stay home, mind you :-) I'd classify it has a healthy guilt. I figured the kids wouldn't really be too excited for me to leave, but they've entered into all the preparation. And, they're excited to get to visit some of their friends during the day while I'm gone. ...I suppose they have no idea what it will be like with me not here to do all the dishes and laundry. But, I know they all know how to do it, so they'll all just have to pitch in. Perhaps this will be a double blessing... I get to go on a great trip, AND perhaps they will be VERY excited, and VERY appreciative to have me home.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I finally figured out how to post music to my blog! I am such an un-techno's like learning multiplication in third step at a time. Anyway, I love the first song. It's for my wonderful hubby. I especially like the line about buying Rogaine. Even though, if heredity is any indicator, Roger will never need it :-). Enjoy.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Birthday Present

Well, I promised I'd tell you more about my birthday. Roger was in Dallas for a conference for the week leading to my birthday. He got home late on Thursday night and my birthday was on that Friday. Friday morning, I got breakfast in bed. Now, don't tell my family, but I really don't enjoy breakfast in bed. I mean, come on... who wants to eat cold eggs and bacon in bed? While everyone is watching? But, I would never dream of letting, I eat my breakfast in bed in front of everyone. Then, Roger let me know that he had taken the day off work so I could have a day off too! He planned to do school with the kids, do all the driving, make lunch and dinner, etc... I could go to Fayetteville, lock myself in my stampin room, read in my room...anything I wanted! So, I went over to Fayetteville. I went to the mall. I hadn't been to the mall in about 3 years! I had a real nice time...I just browsed and took my time. No one to keep track of. I could stay in one store as long as I wanted. I at lunch in the food court and read a magazine... it was lovely!!

I thought that was the gist of my birthday, and was very happy and relaxed when I got home around 3:00. Roger said that the kids had gifts for me, so we picked up Zack from school and then I sat down to open my gifts. Sam got me a toothbrush. Nate gave me a huge bottle of Aussie Shampoo. Katie gave me a package of 8 bars of soap. Zane gave me hairspray. It was very sweet, but I must say, I was thinking, "You didn't pay full price for this, did you?" Then, Roger gave me a bag, and in the bag was a book....Italian for Dummies! Then, he gave me an envelope with an airplane ticket! I am going to Italy!!!! Our dear, dear friends live in Germany and I'm going to fly to Germany and meet my friend Toni. Then, she and I will fly over to Italy for 4 days. Then, back to Germany and home!! Can you believe it!! I leave on the 25th for 8 days. The first thing I asked was about the kids. Roger has been working on it for about a month and has pretty much gotten everything covered! I can't believe he was able to keep it a secret from me for almost a month!

I can't even tell you how excited I am. You see, if I had unlimited money, I'd travel. I love traveling, but don't get to do it very much. Roger, on the other hand, is somewhat of a home body. He enjoys vacations and being with us on trips, but if he has extra time or money, he'd rather work on his hobbies at home. So, his gift really is a blessing to me. Two girls on the town in Italy!!