Saturday, December 6, 2008

Everyone Loves a Parade!

Seriously there anything more "feel good" that a small town, home town Christmas parade? I've been to "big city" parades before. While the effects may be magnified by the big corporation floats, and the numbers are always larger...well, I'm just a sucker for the smaller version. I love to see floats from the companies where my friends work. How about the bands? Usually just one or two...and I know the children/parents of about 1/2 of the group. In our parade there are no less that about 20 floats from local churches. No hiding behind "Happy Holidays" around here. It's a full blown "Merry Christmas" many times over. So, my DPP for Dec. 6 is actually a video. It's an awful video... it came out way too dark when I uploaded it to YouTube. But, I think you'll get the idea. The holidays have officially started in Siloam Springs. This is a video of our local high school band with the 8th grade included. My 2 oldest are marching...they're the best in their row! Enjoy. (You'll need to click the pause on my music if you want to be able to hear the band perform...)

Here's a video of me in the Mustang advertising for the body shop that fixed her up.

I may as well add a pic of my smallest muffin...he watched with Dad on the sidelines.


Mom Keena said...

Looks like it may have been colder at your parade than at our Christmas Stroll. It was a balmy 52 degrees here. So much fun down on Main Street, all across the USA!

Melissa Flaming said...

Oooo, that makes me miss Siloam! We went to the Newton parade this week, and it was lame. We kept reminding eachother of all the many fun years we spent downtown SS with our dear friends on that corner. What fun! Thanks for the videos. Good times.

Bekah said...

Ohhh, good memories and good times! We have a good Christmas parade here just before Thanksgiving, I think we enjoy it just as much because it is the same small hometown parade and so we enjoy it as much as we did in Siloam!
Great videos!

Shan said...

I thought our parade this year had such a wonderful atmosphere! I got there late and couldn't find my boys so I just walked down one street and up the other with a goofy grin on my face! Everyone looked so blissfully happy, I felt like I was in a Christmas special. I guess I missed your WICKED AWESOME car, but it sure looked sweet on the video! YEAH for the parade!! :D

Becky said...

Thanks for the great videos! I too love small towns and knowing practically everyone. Jon and I have many good memories of standing on that corner watching the parade go by. Great times, great friends, and great memories! Our town had their parade just this last Sat. morning. It was cold and snowy, perfect for Santa and his reindeer! Yes, Santa came and 2 of "his" reindeer! Fun! The girls loved it, they even got to pet the reindeer. Oh, and they got their pictures taken for the local newspaper. Yea!