Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Puzzles

It's 11:30! I'm cutting it close... Here's my pic for Dec. 5.
Each year I get a Christmas puzzle for us to work on at our leisure. Sometimes I get an easy one for the Littles and a more challenging on for the big kids and adults. Right now it's on our dining room table, but I usually put it in the living room on a card table that allows us to work on it whenever we feel like it, but our table bit the dust this fall and I haven't replaced it. There's just something about a puzzle...sitting together, looking and trying pieces...I think it allows for conversation to flow. No pressure...just working on a puzzle.

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Clare said...

I love puzzles, unfortunately our cats do too. We usually end up with a few pieces with chewed ends by the completion of the puzzle.

I looked at your blog to see if I could see pictures of your kitty, but couldn't find any! I would love to see the doppelganger of our cat. Ours are indoors only, but I know what you mean, we had outdoor cats when I was growing up, and we thought some of them had another home too when they disppeared. They always came back way fatter.

Thanks for the post! Now post some of your precious felines! :)