Thursday, April 29, 2010


I know, I know... Pick yourself up off the floor. I have been thinking lots of thoughts, but just haven't been writing. Here's a few things I've been doing or thinking about...
---I have learned to knit. And I love it! I've done a couple scarves, a hat, a couple of socks, and am working on a summer scarf.
---I've started my garden. We ate some fresh lettuce and spinach a few nights ago.
---Only 2 weeks of school left!
---Why do so many 15 year old girls show so much cleavage? Some of the prom pictures I've seen just make my eyes pop! Not in a good way.
---It's only April and I'm already getting recorded political phone calls...ugh!
---I'm planning to redo my recipe book. My current one is stuffed and too I got a new one that I love and I am looking forward to organizing it.
---The "farm"... Windmill is spinning, chickens are laying, bees are buzzing, grapes are growing... Nice.
---Baseball season is...busy.
---I would like to eat more organically. My kids would like to too, if it tastes good. Baby steps.
---Handyman and I are taking a little trip to Eureka Springs for my birthday. I always get a little nervous spreading out the kids...
---I'm looking forward to making some fun plans with the kids during summer. Zoo, parks, perhaps a little road trip here and there?

OK. That's just some of the random stuff in my head.