Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pass Your Plate

I'm sitting on the couch with my sweet 4th born. Sam is 8 and is a fun guy. It's been very drizzly and foggy today. Roger got the digging done pretty quick! What a guy!
This morning, my friend Rebecca and I went to my latest favorite thing...Pass Your Plate. You can check it out at I've been twice and am loving it. It is a place where you do you meal preparation...then you bring home fabulous meals to a clean kitchen without all the spent energy of shopping, chopping, dicing, and cleaning. You pick the meals you want to make and pay for them online. When you show up, your name is on a shelf with your materials ready to go. You also have a shelf in the freezer to store your meals while you're there. Everything is so neat and orderly. It is so fun! Why is that? Walking out the door with a laundry basket with 10 or more meals just feels so good! And these aren't your cream-of-soup casseroles either. How about Crandberry Stuffed Pork Roast? Or Slow-Cooker Pot Pie? Or, Meditteranean Chicken with Couscous? This is the stuff you get from a restaurant. You can get full entrees, or have them split so you get twice the meals for those that have smaller families. I'm thinking of getting some for my brother for Christmas. He's 36, single, and eats out almost every day. He lives in Tulsa and they have 2 in Tulsa now. Pass Your Plate will even let you order your meals and make them for you. All you do is pick them up. Isn't that great!!
Today, I went with my friend Rebecca and she tried it for the first time today...and I got a free entree for referring that is fun! I got the Chicken Manicotti.
Tonight we will be going to the clinic Christmas party. The kids are excited.

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