Friday, December 7, 2007

And Here We Go!!!

Well, I'm sitting here thinking I know how this will go...but what the heck! I love the idea of keeping in touch with friends and family, but truly, I just don't think I'll have anything interesting to write!
Let's see...what went on this week? School with the kids, church, school, swimming, school, tae kwan do, school, Lego League, school, etc.... Throw in the usual cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, shopping, etc...and there you have it! My life.
Zane had a big swim meet this past weekend. For sitting at a humid, indoor pool 6 hours to see your kid have about 8 minutes of action, it's our sport of choice. I took my stamping with me on Sunday and got most of my Christmas cards done, so that's good. Zane improved his times in all 8 events. AND, this meet was put on by Ocean Spray and all the goodie bags had bottles of Cran-Apple! My favorite. Anyway, on Sunday, I sat at a table with all the left over goodie bags. One of the workers came by and told me we could take as many as we wanted because they couldn't store them. So, I came home with about 20 bottles! Talk about tightwad heaven!
Zack is in Mountain Home tonight on a school trip with the Lego League. I'm never quite comfortable having him gone. Someone's going to be mean to him...I just know it. And, I won't be there to knock their block off! We know one of the kids that is also going, and he's prone to sleepover antics (putting shaving cream on a sleeper's face, trying to make sleepers wet the bed, etc...), so I asked that Zack be in a room with a parent. Still...I hate the idea that he will ever experience any of the bad stuff that comes with putting together all those kids with raging hormones. Lord, please protect him.
Tomorrow, Roger is going to begin digging a space for us to build an unattached garage. We've been saving for a while, but were discouraged to realize that the cement pad cost 1/2 as much as the garage itself. So, he's going to do it himself. It will take longer, but probably save us about $2500. So he's excited to get to use a backhoe tomorrow.
One fun thing I did this week was visit Pass Your Plate, over in Springdale. You pay to assemble dinner entrees. Everything is chopped, diced, cleaned...the works. And, the food is great! Katie and I have enjoyed doing it together. I love it! It's one of my recent favorite things.
Well, not much else right now. I'm going to quit so I can see my blog from the other side!

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Shansland said...

Lego league? Curious very curious. Would this be like Botball? I've got to find out more about this for Grahm. He lives and breathes all things lego! :)
Oh, so your blog is NEW. I didn't realize I'm getting in on the initial stages...sweet! Well, I don't have a real blog myself (only Myspace) but I love, love reading about peoples lives! So yeah for you (oh, and me ;)!!