Monday, December 10, 2007

Cozy Days and Good Deals

Well, I went to the dreaded Walmart last night. Because of the impending ice storm, the place was pretty bare...of people and bread! Nice!
Nate had an upset tummy on Sunday morning, so Roger stayed home. Zane stayed home too. The rest of us went to church... It was a perfect day for staying home, but I'm always glad when I go. I started taking sign ups for another year of secret pals. We had our big "revealing party" last week. There were 23 of us and we had a ball. I really love doing secret pals. It's good to finish the year and then begin again in January.
Roger and I had a tiff... OK, acutally, I got offended and he hardly noticed! He made a generalization about something I know, used a word like "always", "never", "usually", "hardly ever". Well, I know he probably didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but he did. I told him so and he said I should get over it. Well, I let it ruin my attitude the whole day. And, he didn't even notice! I was very quiet, sighed a lot, didn't participate in conversation...all the usual ways I try to make him feel the need to find out what he did wrong! All to no avail. I just finished reading "Created To Be His Helpmeet" and I'm sure Debi Pearl would not approve! The comment had to do with my organization and cooking...2 areas I'm a little sensitive about. The funny thing is that when I read the letters that the author receives from other women, I count my lucky stars that I have a man like Roger. He has had to put up with a lot! Anyway, with the forcast calling for ice, AWANA was cancelled. I even got a nap. The list of things to do around the house was calling...which I very nicely ignored as I got cozy under my down comforter for a Sun. afternoon nap.
After pancakes/eggs/bacon for dinner, I made my way to WM. I got some good ad matching deals...USA Drug had Kellogg's cereal 2/$4, which WM matched. I had coupons for $1 off each box. So, I got 13 boxes of cereal for $1 each! I love it when that happens! I also had 9 coupons for a free package of cat treats...worth about $10. In all, I saved about $40. That makes it worth going to Walmart.
Today, I was so sure school would be cancelled, but the roads were only wet, no real ice. I only had to get out twice today to take Zane to band and then pick him up. No piano for the rest of the year, so no need to pick up Zack from school. Over the last couple of years I have developed a real aversion to driving! I have completely morped from someone who loves to be out and about...into someone that loves being home with nowhere to go. Of course, if I'm home, there's always stuff to do...
Well, as I predicted, I don't really have anything exciting to write...I'm boring!


Jarrod said...

No, you're not boring! Melissa and I, of course, don't fight, so it's always cool to hear how these things go down. :) Kidding!

It's really fun to hear just day-to-day things. I also think it's funny that you and Bekah Granstrom both talked about your trips to Walmart. Hmmmm...

Bekah said...

Sounds like life is a small town still revolves around Wal-Mart! Just can't get away from that place! Glad Jarod put a link on his page, love to see how life is going in the Youman's household!
Oh and enjoy your new pass the plate, we had that in Little Rock and I LOVED IT! I wanted to take Stephie with but we ended up moving before we could ever become regulars. I think Savannah is just now getting something like that now too.....of course, it must be time to move. :-)