Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wear What You Have...Week 2

Sunday, Jan.9
Well, I have no picture because I played hooky today and stayed home in my "lounge wear". Shhhh....


Monday, Jan.10

Black turtle neck, maroon tweed vest, green velour pants (everything J Jill)
The Verdict - Yep, I've already worn this before. I like it, even though the pants are a little short.


Tuesday, Jan. 11

Black waffle shirt with white trim, light blue Levis
The Verdict - this is a good "stand-by" shirt. I'm not crazy about it, but it doesn't bother me. It's one I wear when I'm behind in the laundry :-) I love these jeans. They're loose in the seat, which has a tendency to make my hips look a little bigger than necessary, but I don't care. They are so comfortable...I love them.


Wednesday, Jan. 12

Super soft pink sweater (J Jill), Levi jeans
The Verdict - Yes, I wore the same jeans 2 days in a sue me! I like this sweater but I wish it was just a little longer. I find myself making pulling it down often... but I still like it. It's super fuzzy and warm on a cold day.


Thursday, Jan. 13

Purply blue sweater (J Jill), white tank, Authentic Fit Jeans (J Jill)
The Verdict - I like this sweater because it's really comfortable and hangs over my backside. These jeans are a little tighter around the hips than I'm comfortable with, but I like the boot cut and the length, so this sweater is perfect with these jeans.


Friday, Jan. 14

Blue striped top, white tank, Lee Riders Jeans
The Verdict - I really like this top. It's actually sort of thin, so I wouldn't wear it when it's really cold, but it's really comfortable and I like the fit. I've had these jeans forever... I like them.


Saturday, Jan. 15

Black tuxedo shirt (Walmart), gray Authentic Fit Jeans (J Jill)
The Verdict - simple but I like it. I finally got a belt that fits and it helps keep these jeans from falling down.

Sunday, Jan. 16

Black turtleneck, black tweed vest, black/white hounds tooth skirt, black boots and tights.
The Verdict - This is the first time I've worn this skirt. I had originally figured on wearing just the turtleneck, but I felt like the skirt made my hips look big. So, I added the vest to give me a waist. I felt comfortable, but wasn't really crazy about the look.

That's it for last week. I think I threw out about 10 clothing catalogs this past week, and they still keep coming.
I've also included a picture of one of my favorite articles of socks. I love a good pair of socks. I had purchased some good socks a few years ago, but they're beginning to wear out. So, I came across these and I loved them. So, I got a few pairs in Dec. Everyone needs a pair of red socks...don't you think?

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