Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Like Heaven

Roger's dad tells the story of when Roger was about 5 or 6 years old, he asked his dad what heaven was like. His dad told him to imagine the best place in the world. That's what heaven would be like. Roger thought this over and said, "You mean, heaven is a big dirt pile?"

What is it about piles of earth? I remember one summer when I was about the same age and a house was being built next to ours in our suburban neighborhood. The house belonged to the construction workers from 8-5, but after dinner, it belonged to about 30 neighborhood kids who would climb, tunnel, build, and create with the excavated piles of dirt. I'm sure the workers would curse us under their breath each morning when they saw all of our shoeless footprints all over the place.

We had a pile of gravel delivered last week, since the grass in front of the shop was becoming a mud pit. The kids had a ball... Actually, I'd say Roger had as much fun on the tractor as the kids on the gravel.

Notice that the kids have exhausted the dog...


Melissa Flaming said...

I love this post! The pic of the dog cracked me up. And I say, if "heaven" is a pile of dirt for kids, God just might have it up there for us all to enjoy!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, that is so cute and funny!!
There's just something about earth. Such a wonderful feeling of having it between your toes, and letting it fall through your fingers.
We have a permanent "dirt pit" in our backyard now. The kids have little shovels, rakes, trucks, etc all over their area. In fact, I think they play on the dirt pit more than the swing set!!