Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey Trish! What's for Dinner?

Did you ever watch Hee-Haw? I used to love that show! Roy Clark lived in Tulsa and I would pass his rather large house when I drove anywhere near Utica Square. Anyway, on the show, Grandpa would give the menu for dinner by listing a heart-stopping, grease soaked, butter drenched meal. Now that we know all that stuff is bad for you, our meals are much less entertaining... goes.

Sun -F - We have your choice!! Cereal, oatmeal, whole wheat toast with honey/jam/peanut butter, eggs, fruit smoothies
Saturday - Whole wheat waffles w/syrup or jam, bacon, fruit smoothies

Lunches (Our lunch menu is almost always the same every week. I can barely keep up with dinners, so I don't want to expend brain cells thinking about what to fix for lunch!)

M - sandwiches (PBJ), chips, veggies/dip
T - chicken nuggets, applesauce
W - pizza, orange slices
Th - sandwiches (ham/cheese), sliced apples
F - mac/cheese, crackers,
Sat - leftovers
Sun - potluck at church

Dinners -

M - CP Chicken Fettuccine, green beans, applesauce
T - Honey Dijon pork chops, bow tie pasta with veggies, whole wheat bread
W - Manicotti, salad, bread sticks
Th - Hamburgers, whole wheat buns, corn, whole wheat chocolate chip cookies (these really are the best cookies I've had...they're fabulous!)
F - CP Taco Soup, Frito's, cheese...
Sat - leftovers
Sun - breakfast (make a big batch of waffles to freeze leftovers for following week)

Whew... I'm trying to sneak more fruit and veggies into the plan. I need to do a little research on it because I tend to do mainly apples and oranges, which can get old. I have blueberries and strawberries in the freezer for fruit smoothies, but I need to be more intentional in getting those into the plan. Any ideas?


christine said...

Love the ideas! Thanks! Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, "I really wish I just had a menu for this week." Ha! My kiddos love asparagus (a little pricey sometimes), sweet potatoes, and I try to sneak peas in whenever possible. But I definitely need some new ideas, too! Thanks!

btw--we go to your fantastic husband, if you were wondering who we were! :)

Mom Keena said...
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Mom Keena said...

My favo way to sneak more veggies into my kids is to make pumpkin muffins. Mix one small can of pumpkin with one box of cake mix, nothing else. Bake for 20 minutes or so. You can use any flavor mix, but our favorites is chocolate cake mix for chocolate muffins. Oh, and the above Christine, is one of my favorite Siloam peoples! You should meet her, you'd love her!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, Chris! Doesn't everyone know you?? You are one of my favorite "Siloam people" as well!

You can buy frozen asparagus at Aldi's, and it's great in pasta with tomatoes, Italian seasing and Parmesan.
I love grapefruit with breakfast, too. You can add Splenda to it, if you need it sweeter.

And pears aren't usually much more than apples. And they are softer and sweeter. Mmmm.... Okay, it's 10:15pm and I'm getting hungry!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Okay, and fresh baby spinach salad with carrots is good. I have some of that in there on the counter, so I may be getting a late-night snack.

One more: you can make homemade pizza with tons of veggies in your sauce. Even Fred hasn't caught on to this! ;-)

Clare said...

Both frozen and fresh fruit goes really well in yogurts. Fruit flavored or even just plain yogurt. Its a good dessert even!