Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Sounds of Summer

What a great holiday weekend! I love it when the holiday falls on a Friday. It fools my brain into feeling like Friday is Saturday. Then, on Friday night, it's so exciting to realize, "Hey! It's only Friday! We get one more day!!" Even though Sunday is technically part of the weekend, to me it's not really a "free" day. When you have to get up and get dressed up and make a real's just different. I do try to do the resting thing on Sundays. I used to do all my grocery shopping on Sundays, but that is definitely NOT I stopped. Not stopped shopping, but shopping on Sundays.

We went to our friend's house for dinner and to watch the big firework show from their backyard. Burgers and potato salad...watermelon and homemade ice cream...swimming until dark...loading sleepy kids into the van after great (not to mention free) fireworks... Lovely.

We worked on the yard this weekend. A couple months ago, my friend Wendy had a girls' night out at her house around her fire pit. It was great!! We do quite a bit of burning and have a mound in the backyard, so I told Roger we should make a little pit like Wendy's. We had some of those bricks that go around a we used them to go around the fire. As usual, Roger's idea was a little bigger than now about 20 people could sit around it. We've already used it for smores twice. We had another family over last night with their 3 kiddos... Our boys and their boys with chocolate smeared all over their faces...riding bikes and chasing hundreds of fireflies... Perfect.

Speaking of perfect... I had mentioned in my last post that I got my little bird feeders up and going. I was sitting on the back step this afternoon trying to sit really still so some of the birdies would come to the feeder. The dogs were laying at my feet, asleep. Zane came out and was sitting next to me and I was explaining to him that you have to be really still and quiet so the birds will forget you're there...then they'll come and eat. So, there we sat...trying to be really quiet, listening to the sounds of nature, when all of a sudden, the dog gave us a 3 second fart! Talk about spoiling the moment!! I never really thought about it, but I guess dogs can get gas too. We tried to compose ourselves, but she did it 3 more times!! Well, no birdies were coming near us, so we went inside.

Finally, tonight we got everyone and a visiting little friend loaded into the van to go hit tennis balls at the courts. Naturally, 5 minutes after we arrived, my 6 year old announced that he had to go to the bathroom. We realized that he'd never had the opportunity to pee outside. So, Roger took him behind a tree. All I heard was a lot of giggling. He has officially joined the "pee on a tree" club. If he's anything like my other boys, I'll have to explain that the tree is only if there aren't any bathrooms around...It shouldn't be the first choice...and it surely shouldn't be in the neighbor's yard!

Fireworks, lots of giggling, chasing fireflies, dogs farting... What a great summer so far!


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Awesome. Just awesome. First, swimming until dark and watching fireworks, eating homemade ice-cream...sounds fantastic!

Trying to sit still so birdies will come, until the dog ruins it with farts. Hilarious. Gotta have Fred read this post. Something about farts always gets men howling with laughter. My kids still tell me when they fart. Every time. Anywhere.

Firepit-- SO great! We use ours ALL the time!! Fred rigged up a rack to go across it so he can grill on it, too. It's great all year round. We often snuggle by the fire in the winter. Just use a tarp to cover the firewood. have a garage.

I'm gonna plan another firepit night in the fall, and you know you are invited! :-) I'll see if Tab can come again and do guitar for us. She was awesome last time.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

I should introduce you to Nellie. She's our big beautiful, gassy basset hound. She was so cute as a pup. No one told me they get such HORRIBLE gas!!! Ewwww!!!!!

Jenna Jean said...

Ike is almost totally potty trained but to get him on his way we taught him that not peeping in a diaper can be fun. Examples: on trees or sticks and in toilets. Then on the 4th, right before we were going to see some family Ike had a great idea to try to poop outside, without our knowledge! Well, it wasn't a success, we had to do some stripping of clothes and a bath to clean up that mess!

Your weekend sounded wonderful!

I am working on a fire pit too.

Mom Keena said...

Ok, my friend. I am a bit concerned. The words "fart" and "pee on a tree" in the same post. Are you sure you're finding enough to do this summer?!