Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wonderfully Boring

The very thing I feared would happen has happened. I have nothing to say. I actually enjoy the fact that things are pretty boring/relaxed right now. I see people write that they have nothing to say on their blogs and I always think to myself that it's silly because I like reading about people's lives....especially people I know. There are ladies that I hardly ever see, but now I feel more connected because I read their blog. are some boring snippets of my wonderful but boring summer...

---deep cleaned the school room. Books SOOOO dusty. Would you like to take bets on how long it can stay that way?

---Packed up last year's school books and computer. They're in boxes next to our door, ready to be returned when I get the UPS labels in the mail.

---Rearranged Katie's room. I think I pulled a muscle in my back.

---A lady I know introduced me to her husband as, "This is Trish Youmans. She's a supermom." I don't think it was a compliment. Spent a day obsessing about that. Decided to ignore her.

---Taking Zane to swimming at 7:30 in the morning 3 times a week.

---Got a hook to hold our bird feeders. Roger chopped down a tree right outside our breakfast nook while I was in Italy. Now, my little birdie friends have gone! So, I got a hook and put it next to the new baby tree. I hung the feeders, and even added a little bird bath, and hoped for birdie forgiveness. I got it...and they're back.

---Did a little birthday shopping. My baby turns 6 on Friday.

---Took the kids to hit tennis balls a couple of times in the evening last week. We had a great time! I'm trying to keep us away from the TV.

---Had a followup to a mammogram. Everything is fine. I held it together until the Dr. told me I was fine...then I fell apart.

---Contacted a realtor in Tahlequah to sell our land/cabin. We just never use it.

---Went to the library...again, trying to keep kids away from the TV.

---Started a new book...and actually read past the first chapter!

---So thankful for my summer and the freedom to do nothing...or anything... Still 9 more weeks!!


Kim Keena said...

What is this "boring" you speak of? In the last week I've...
...bought three planners, trying to find the perfect one, since Chandler has gone belly up!
...packed 19 boxes, give or take a few.
...colored my hair too dark, so had to make a 7:45am appt with my "colorist".
...gone to a White Sox game and sat and feasted in a sky box.
...attended a wedding reception and danced the Cha Cha Slide for the first time.
...visited with my brother, Gary, who is flying to China next week to adopt a physically challenged two-year-old boy.
...fallen asleep at 8:30 at night, only to wake at 4:00am.
...been loved on by LGCC at a Farwell Party!
...watched 8 episodes of Monk (I somehow identify with this show!)
...reduced all of our Christmas storage to 4 red Rubbermaids.
...celebrated with Jason about his new job as Editor of Community Spirit Magazine in Tulsa!
...gathered 4 more boxes for a second yard sale.
...taken many wall items off our walls (NOW it looks like we're moving, as if the stacks of boxes weren't an obvious enough clue).
...celebrated with Danae about her new job as University Receptionist!
...taken Grace to basketball camp.
...had dinner with neighbors.
...thought about my Dad (tomorrow is his birthday)
...submitted change of address forms.
...been told I look tired.

Yes, this "boring" does sound wonderful! Enjoy! Much love!

Shan said...

I love this business of boring myself. It's so nice having my big boy home with me this summer. The little one has been assigned more preschool by the school system because they want us to keep him in the swing of things. I don't care for this and am thinking of rebelling in chunks throughout the summer.
HEY! We took up tennis too! G and I have decided to go each weekday morning at 8:30 if possible to see if we can figure out enough to keep our ball on just one court. It's FUN :D And FREE which is doubly good.
We're also hoping to play some golf but that tends to be the opposite of free so we'll have to pace ourselves on that one.
Glad you are enjoying your free time!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

I'm trying to get to that point!!! I really wanna be "bored"!!! Really, I do! S. Doss said she only goes to town on Sun. and Wed.....oh how heavenly that would be!!! :0) Pray for me to have some of that peace and relaxation before my entire summer is gone, please??? Thanks!

Bekah said...

I love to read about your boring too! I find it great and enjoy how the blog makes me feel connected! Enjoy your boring, I have a busy day tomorrow and then it's off to Chicago for a visit. I hope to have some "boring" from July 8th until the school year starts again....which, in my opinion, is waaaaay to soon!

Lynn said...

You are NOT boring and no you don't have a boring life!! Thanks for all the info about Branson, and Stormy Point! I can't wait to go. And so nice seeing you tonight. It was really FUN! Enjoy your "unstructured" days.....

Sherri said...

love your blog... love the way you write... loved our chat today.
You are ahead of me on cleaning the classroom... but I will be there soon.
Curriculum.. both the joy and bane of my existence.
Still... I so love books!
Talk to you soon

AfricaBleu said...

Not the cabin of MOPS retreat fame? Say it isn't so? I learned some very interesting things about some Siloam Bible ladies at that cabin...remember, oh dress-fall-in-the-toilet-woman?

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

boring? Never! Even when you think your life is blissfully boring, it's still active and interesting. You're rearranging furniture, still carting kids around to splish splash, deep cleaning... (hard to EVER find time for that!!)
I'm glad your birdies returned!!
And, hey, when I call you "supermom," (and I probably have) it is most definitely a huge compliment!! You are amazing. Anyone who says it in a not-so-nice way is probably just jealous. ;-) And you are right to ignore her.