Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nothing Is Ever Easy

Are you sitting down? I know this is really going to come to a shock to you, but here goes.... Zack, my biggest baby, got his drivers license Friday. Breathe...In...Out...In...Out... I truly don't know why they give little boys drivers licenses, but they did. He won't be 16 until next month, but now he has it. And, it was something we had to work for. The nice officer that does the driving test only does the driving part on Thursdays and Fridays from 12:30-2:30. We were encouraged by veteran parents to, "get there early". Roger took Zack at 12:10. Now the reason that Roger took Zack is that I am basically freaked out the entire time I'm in the car and Zack is behind the wheel. It's not because he's a bad driver...he's not bad, just inexperienced and I don't handle it well. Meanwhile, Roger reads...or is looking at the pretty scenery... I sit in the back seat trying to see over Roger's head so I can have enough time to brace myself if needed. Anyway, when they arrived for the test, there were already 3 people in front of him. There was no way they were going to finish by 1:00 so Roger could go to the hospital. So, he called in the backup! Me! Drat those cellphones!! I was instructed to bring the van to the test so Roger could take it to work and Zack could drive the Toyota. Unfortunately, I was right in the middle of defrosting the freezer and had coolers and sacks of sweating food all around me. I quickly gave Zane a crash course in how to us a blow dryer to melt ice and how to put everything back in the freezer. My younger kids wanted to go to the library for the afternoon movie at 2:00. "Surely I'll be home by 1:30", I told myself. I couldn't be more wrong! The officer finally got to Zack at 1:30. I figured we were still ok. Each test was taking about 15 minutes. That would still give me enough time to take Zack back to work, pick up the kids and take them to the library, then hi-ho home to get the food in the freezer. We were good... Unfortunately, the nice officer pointed out that we had a tail light that wouldn't seem to light up! And no, you can't take the driving test with a busted out tail light. The nice officer told me I could go get it fixed and then come back. So, I took Zack to work with no license. On my way to pick up the kids, Roger called and said I should come back to pick up Zack and let him take the test in the van! Genius! So, I drop off the kids at the library, pick up Zack and go back to the test. The nice officer is happy to let him test but needs to see our insurance and registration. After Zack gives it to him, the nice officer kindly points out that our registration is EXPIRED! And no, you can't take the test with expired registration. I KNOW I put the registration in the van...where is it??? So, we prepare to drive off and I find it. This year it is not printed on the obvious yellow paper that we are used's on white paper, and it's smaller, so we had overlooked it. So, we turn around and head back. It's 3:00 now. Did I mention that the armory where the test is given is unairconditioned? And, there's nowhere to sit inside, so everyone just sits on the porch, on the ground? And, that the bank thermometer read 97 degrees when I passed it the first time? The nice officer agrees to let Zack test, but puts him at the end of the line. At 3:30, I jump in the van and go to the library to pick up the kids. They want to stay at the library, so I drive BACK to the armory. We finally do the test, pass, and leave the parking lot at 4:30. I pick up the kids from the library and imagine all the defrosted food in my kitchen. Thankfully, Zane had stuffed it all back into the freezer. Even with all that food in the freezer, we went out to eat that night.


Shan said...

Oh BOY! I was feeling your every pain with this one! NOTHING IS EVER EASY WITH THE DMV(or any gov. situation really).
I would have been seriously flop sweating whether the air conditioning was on or not! :D
Congrats to that driving boy of yours. You'll start to appreciate it soon I bet. I think back to my early driving days and get a little shiver remembering that I put on all my makeup while at the wheel. Even mascara! At least he won't be doing that.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Oh, girl! Breathe deep, at least it's over....for now anyway! :0) When does the next one turn 16??? LOL!

Bekah said...

Gasp! Zack driving?! Isn't he still only 12 or something?!
Where does the time go?!
Just think, with all the driving around you did today...soon Zack can help share the load and you won't have to be the only family taxi cab driver. :-)

And how dare Jerri mention your next one driving! When your next one is driving, mine will be driving too! So not ready for that day which is closely approaching!

Shan said...

Trish! I realized today I skipped over your name in my reply comment. I don't know how it happened because I planned on going right down my column. When you check in on me again read my comments for my "job" post. K? I was curious about what you said.

Melissa Flaming said...

Trish, Trish, Trish,
I am still breathing...IN...OUT...IN...OUT. All I can picture is little 8-9 yr. old Zach behind the wheel of that car, um, van, or whatever he FINALLY got to drive.
Yes, the DMV, or the MVD as they call it here (why do they have to make it difficult?!?), is such a treat to work with. I still can see the face of that one lady in the Siloam office...sooo hating her job! Jarrod works FOR them, EVERY DAY, up in Santa Fe at the State office. Oh the joys!
Relax today. Pretty soon you can send HIM to the store for the milk, like my Mom used to do, and he'll LOVE it!!

Mom Keena said...

Sorry friend, but I found great amusement in your distresses! Of course nothing is ever easy, that's what makes this thing called life so interesting. Looks like when all was said and done, Zack got his license. Way to persevere! I'm pretty sure that means you beat the system!

Sherri said...

Trish, to quote the girls: OMG.
(oh my gosh!) You have incredible tenacity as I am not sure I would have stayed the course to accomplish all of that in one day! Way to go Zach.. but way to go Trish too! Super job Mom!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes.. I AM getting better about knowing what I will really use. and no.. you can't have too many books!!
(if my bookshelves are any indication!) talk to you soon.

The Castles said...

It is so hard to believe that he is driving!

But, it is also probably hard for you to believe that i am married!

Thinking of you all!

rissaroe said...

What a crazy day... as if your baby getting his license wasn't crazy enough!

Glad to hear that you are part of the Drugstore Game club! I'm with you... once you start seeing these deals flowing in and your monthly food/ household budget going down, there's no turning back! I'm hooked!