Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Slipping Away

With every ounce of my being...I am trying to resist the passing of each day as summer slowly slips by. In less than 2 weeks school will be upon us and then we just put our heads down and press forward. Oh, it's sort of fun and exciting for about 2 weeks...but then the reality that we have "educational obligations" that must get done every day. When my kids complain about doing school, I've been known to tell them that I will go to jail if they don't do their school! Who will make their dinner and do their laundry then!? So, because they care for my well being, they reluctantly get their work done. Oh...for just a few more weeks of reading, and naps, and picking blueberries, and hitting tennis balls, and riding the go-cart, and making s'mores... and...just doing a lot of nothing.

Anyway, I've included some videos for Granddad and Bebs.


Bekah said...

Okay, I know that this blog is all about the Youmans family BUT was that really Logan Pannett? I wouldn't have recognized him if I had too and I used to take him to school every morning! Sniff, sniff!
Anyway....congratulations to Zane, he did an awesome job!
Good ole' JBU pool, glad you posted! :-)

Shan said...

Summer seems to go by faster each year! I can't believe the time has nearly come to pack the backpacks and do the daily rounds.
Neat videos Trish! I've been meaning to do that but haven't gotten anything properly recorded. Enjoy your last free and easy moments. :)

Melissa Flaming said...

Those videos are so great! Zane looks sooo proud! Congrats to him and Logan.

Suzanne said...

Job well done. Thank you again for letting us pick some cherries. Gabby is at Grandmas's this week and was so dissappointed she missed out.

We are on week 3 of school. I'm excited as are they (for right now).

AfricaBleu said...

Your boy did SO GOOD. I was so proud of him. It was nice to see you a little this summer, too. I miss your faces.

Mom Keena said...

Wow! That boy can swim!! The videos are great!

Jenna Jean said...

The video of your boy swimming was very exciting. Great job Zane! Jay and I watched some of your husbands plane videos and got a kick out of those too.