Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where's my weekend?

OK, let the weekend begin!!! Oh wait! It's Sunday night at 9:30! Tomorrow's Monday. Where did my weekend go you ask? Well, we just happened to have about 10 things to do and they all fell on this weekend. You can be stressed out about it, or you can be glad to get them all over in one weekend so you can stay home next weekend! Glass half half half full...right?
This just happened to be the weekend where all of our activities happened in Tulsa. You probably don't know this, but Roger and I both went to ORU. And, you may not have heard...but ORU is going through some "transition" (aka. scandal) right now. Anyway, this was ORU's homecoming weekend, which we never attend. But, they were having a special free dinner on Friday night for anyone associated with the former medical school, dental school, or ever enrolled in any of the health sciences majors (biology and chemistry). Once I saw the list of the 300 people attending, I wanted to go. There were so many former professors and many classmates that we hadn't seen in many years. It was a wonderful time. And, we got to meet Mart Green, the man that has come one board to try to take ORU out of its mess. We went with a pretty skeptical attitude, but we were pleasantly surprised at what seemed like a genuine man. We are cautiously optimistic and will wait to see how things go before we get to excited.

While that was happening, our two oldest boys went to a youth conference in Tulsa. They left Friday afternoon and the conference was over Saturday at 5:30. So, Roger and I, and the 3 little ones went to Tulsa after we dropped the boys off at the church. We met my Aunt Gayle in Tulsa and she took the little ones to her house while Roger and I went to the dinner.

THEN...we hung out in Tulsa on Saturday. I signed up the little ones to make a Valentine's box at a Lowe's in Tulsa. Then, we went to Woodland Hills Mall. Here's a scary thing...I went to the grand opening of Woodland Hills Mall in 1976!! Our youngest son had NEVER been in a mall before. He was pretty impressed. Then we took them for a treat and ate lunch at Incredible Pizza. It was incredible. Then we had a coupon for Barnes and Noble. Yes, it was a great day! It was nice to focus some attention on the little ones.

THEN we met the big boys and we all went back to Gayle's to spend the night because today Zane had a swim meet in Jenks. So, Roger, Zane and I got up at 6:30 this morning to get to the pool by 7:15. Gayle and Jimmy brought the other kids around 10:00. Zane did great by the way! Then we ate lunch at Mazzios with 2 of the other swim families from Siloam...the Pannetts and the Schultzes. We had to hurry home because I always take a nap at 2:00! I couldn't be late.

So, now you can see why I'm ready for the weekend. Thankfully, I had a dishwasher full of clean dishes. I had done all the laundry and just have to fold the last load. I had actually gotten most of the house in good shape. I really dislike coming home for an overnighter and feeling behind before I even walk in the door.
Everyone is bathed and in bed and we are gearing up for another week. Only 14 weeks of school left!


Bekah said...

Oh you are my hero! 14 weeks for school left! What a great perspective! I am getting burned with home school and want this semester over already! Thanks for the countdown! :-)

Sherri said...

Great attitude Trish! I love that you are always so upbeat!!
It was nice to see you today too.

Lynn said...

I love your kids and I think you are a wonderful mom. It's a blessing to have you as a friend. Happy Happy Valentine's Day!! Enjoyed visiting with you and your kiddos today. Lynn