Friday, February 15, 2008

Lunch Talk


I really love it when I really don't have anything pressing to do. I can sit and relax without feeling pressure to get up and tackle stuff. Of course, there's always house work, but it's easy to put that off :-).

My friend Shannon said she likes everyday news, like what people had for I thought I'd post about lunch! First off, let me say, I really dislike making lunch. I'm very "cooking challenged" and only have a few things on my lunch list. So, a couple of years ago, I thought to myself, "why make this so hard?!" So, I decided to make the exact same thing for lunch every week. We have sandwiches twice a week, so keep those days apart. Here goes:
Monday - hotdogs
Tuesday - sandwiches (PBJ or ham/cheese)
Wed. - mac and cheese
Thurs - sandwiches
Friday - pizza or chicken nuggets (depends on what I have in the freezer)
Saturday - these days are a little less predictable but we usually have sandwiches.

My goal is to feed my family lunch for an average of about $1.50-2.00 a day. The hotdogs cost about $3 for my family, but the mac/cheese (2 boxes) costs $1.50 for the m/c, milk, and butter. The sandwiches costs about $1.00-1.10 for my family (5 sandwiches, chips, milk). I buy pizzas when they're on sale, so they cost me $2.25 ea.

The kids do have a "snack" at 10 o'clock and again at 3 o'clock. I usually let them have Little Debbie grainola bars or fruit snacks.

So, there you have it. Boring lunch. It's so funny how having a set plan for lunch every week has literally lifted a burden during my day.

Well, I'm putting my feet up while I watch the news. We're supposed to get some bitter rain/snow this weekend, but I hope everyone is warm and cozy and has a super weekend!


The Shan said...

YEAH FOR LUNCH REPORT SPECIALS!! I will now give you my biggest of smiles. :D That was surely a fun peek into your world as always. I love how you save money at every turn. I do NOT have this skill. I also like the no-thought approach to something that shouldn't cause stress in anyone's day. I'm long over do for doing a months worth of dinner menus at a time so I don't have to go with my "feelings" so much. I think feelings are way overrated in the food dept. Stay Dry!!

Lynn said...

Trish, I love reading your blog, and I love you!!! I love your lunch plans. I've always been food-challenged----(not in the making, I'm actually a pretty good cook)--but in the thinking & creativity!!! For years I only cooked b/c I HAD to. My creativity runs rampant when it comes to cards, knitting, needlepoint, painting, decorating---but when it comes to food I go BLANK! And I put off housework because reading, and stamping and knitting HAVE to be done, right? So you can see why I love you!! Have a great week.