Thursday, February 21, 2008

Classic Rock!

I think I may have gotten Roger one of the best Valentine presents ever. OK, so it was really for both of us...but after so many years of wedded bliss...we're way past needing to spend a ton of money one each other. Anyway, I got him the Time/Life Collection of Classic Rock CDs. This is a set of 11 cds that have all the best music from the late 70's, all the 80's, and some early 90's. Yes, I know that when you actually listen to the lyrics you realize that some of them aren't PG. But who actually listens to the words!!! Here's what happens when we listen to these cds.

The song begins...

Trish - "Oh, I love this song!" Of course, I have no idea what song it is...but I vaguely remember the beginning

Roger - "Yah, this is a good one." He doesn't remember which song it is either.

We each try to be the first to name the song, usually having to wait until the chorus.

Then, once we remember the song, I hit repeat and listen to it again.

Then, we say things like..."I remember listening to this when we'd cruise Main St." or "We'd listen to this at lunch time," or "This one reminds me of so and so....", or "We'd listen to this when we toilet papered our friends' homes,", etc....

And, I've discovered something! Cleaning the kitchen is MUCH more fun when you have fun music to play. I have one of those under the counter cd players and my kids get a kick when they walk into the kitchen and see their mom as she "Boogy,oogy,oogies Till She Just Can't Boogy No More".

So, in honor of my fabulous music, I've written a little story. See if you can find the titles to some great songs. There are 41 titles in my story.

Once upon a time there was a diamond girl. She had a favorite pet…it was a horse with no name. She loved that horse and would ride like the wind every chance she got. Now, Diamond Girl had a sister, Sara. Sara lived in Africa. One saturday in the park, Diamond Girl saw Sara walking in Memphis. Sara looked really sad. “Sara, Smile,” said Diamond Girl. Sara told her story.
“I was in California, dreamin and wondering, "When will I be loved? I want to know what love is!"
One day, I met a piano man. It was more than a feelin’. I was lost in love! The search is over, or so I thought. He had told me, “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you”. After many months of summer breezes and a trip to Kokomo, things changed. I told him “This is it. We don’t talk anymore! You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling. You’re so vain!”
He told me, “You’re right. I’m making love out of nothing at all.” He began to leave.
Suddenly, I was blinded by the light! “Baby, come back! One more night!”, I cried. “Look what you’ve done to me!”
He continued…”I’m taking it on the run. Release me,” he said. And he left me all by myself.
So, now I have sad eyes. I keep thinking, “I’ll be over you,” but I go crazy instead. I can see clearly now he never loved me. But it just hurt so bad. I’ll never be the same.
“That’s terrible! However, it really was against all odds you two would stay together.” said Diamond Girl. “It’s time for you to have a cool change. I want you to steal away. Please come to Boston”, she said. “I’ll drive.”


The Shan said...

Ha! Very creative :) I wonder if this is how romance novels are written. Curious. If Becky M. sees this she's going to think she's Diamond Girl until the story progresses. I can picture my old neighborhood when I read some of these titles even though at my house it was mostly Tom Jones and John Denver at that point(when Mom was the DJ).

Trish said...

Funny! I wasn't even thinking of Becky when I wrote this...but I can see how it could cause confusion. Of course, Aaron is far from vain!

Bekah said...

Didn't Roger already buy this CD set years ago. I distinctly remember you telling a story of Roger buying some CD set off the TV late one night.....

Trish said...

Yes, one morning when he was still in medical school, I got up and noticed that the credit card was next to the phone. When I asked him why his card was out, he said, I was up late last night...I was tired...we bought the sounds of the 70's." So, we ended up with sounds of 1977, 78, and 79. There were a lot of those that I don't know.
The ones I just got are classic rock from mostly the 80s. I know almost all of them...probably because that's the decade I grew up.

AfricaBleu said...
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AfricaBleu said...

Oh Trish, you obviously don't Aaron as well as I know Aaron... ha!

Fun, fun post. It rocked the casbah. Quite the thriller.