Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet The Girls

We have chickens. I can't even begin to explain how unlikely it is that this city girl, a lazy city girl at that, has decided to welcome these feathered creatures into our life. I have come a long way baby!
We have 3 girls that we hope will supply us with fresh eggs. Here's what they looked like when they arrived. They were little balls of puff that gave the sweetest chirps. They eat and poop like pros. Their first home was a box. It worked well for about a week. We then expanded their apartment to a larger box and it's worked well as they grow big enough to put outside in their permanent home...the Chicken Castle...otherwise knows as the chicken coop. They are named after our grandmothers. There is Bertha, Mildred, and Irene. They were much easier to tell apart when they were little...we've since had to put a black spot on their feet to make sure we keep them straight... Not that they care.

Here's what they look like now. They are about 4 weeks old and we have been putting them in their Castle during the warm days and bringing them back in the house during the chilly nights. We have a warming lamp in their Castle and in the evening they chow down on the unsuspecting moths. The hole in the floor leads down to the bottom of the coop which is fenced in and lets them be on the grass. They haven't really figured that out yet.

I think this is Mildred. She's the leader of the pack...just like grandma.

Here's a picture of their Castle. There are screened windows on the sides and a large door to check on them...or just visit with them. The nesting box goes over the porch so I don't even have to put my shoes on when we need to start gathering their eggs. Aren't I smart? And lazy?


Elizabeth Haught said...

Wow, you all are quiet the little suburban homesteaders. First bees, then veggies, now chickens. When will the calk and pig show up?

Cindy Mclean said...

Mr. MacGregor really does have a farm!!! It is great!!! Going to a bridal show tomorrow with Melissa,her Maid of Honor,Ashley,and her M-in-L,Barb in Tulsa tomorrow.Let us hear more of the farm tales...or tails if that happens!!!!!

Mom Keena said...

Andrew came home from Tulsa saying he thinks we should get chickens. Can he come live with you?

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Wow!! Those little ladies sure changed fast!

The coop...ur...castle, is amazing. Can't wait to hear about scrambled fresh eggs! :-) Good job, country britches!

Christy said...

Did Roger build that coop? IT is fantastic!! Wow! I need a duckling house like that...they make such a mess in my kitchen!