Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's Up With the Garden

The garden isa growin'!!

Someone... someone anonymous asked for pictures of my square foot garden. I'm happy to oblige!

We have 2 boxes that are 8' x 4'. Technically, that's considered 4 boxes...they just happen to be connected. So, here's how it's goin'.
Box number 1: It is loaded with 4 roma tomatoes at the top, peppers in the second row, 2 plants of basil and 2 oregano in the third row, and the 4th row has on square of marigolds and then 3 squares of onions. Yum!!
The other half of that box (or you could call it box #2) has: 4 more roma tomatoes (for all that yummy spaghetti sauce I'm going to make!), 1 pepper and 3 squares of bush beans in the second row, 4 squares of beans in the 3rd row, and the last row has 2 squares of onions, a bean, and a marigold. I heard that marigolds are supposed to keep pesky pests away, like rabbits and such... we'll see...
The next box has this on one side: The top row has 2 roma tomatoes and 2 beefsteak tomatoes (for Handy Man's hamburgers :-), the 2nd row has 4 cantaloupe, the 3rd row has one parsley and 3 onions (I had the extra space so I just planted them last week), and the last row has one marigold and 3 beans.
The other side of this box looks a little sparse because we're staggering the corn. It has: on the top row, there are 4 cantaloupe. Here's the deal with the cantaloupe... I started these from seed during the cold in Feb. Well, I planted extra just in case some of them didn't make it to the garden. The problem is, they ALL survived and I'm to emotionally involved in all this to kill the leftovers. So, that's why we have 8 squares of cantaloupe. In the 3rd row, there are 2 empty squares saved for corn and then 2 squares of corn. In the last row, it's a marigold, then empty, then corn. Some of the corn didn't come up the first time and we had to replant a few of them, so we'll see how they turn out.
Finally, here's something that has absolutely nothing to do with my garden... It's my lemon tree! I have about 10 lemons that are growing every day!! Fun!!


Elizabeth said...

Oh that was me...I guess I forgot to sign my name. Wow, your garden is off and running. I am doing a very modified square foot type of gardening. I don't have the boxes, but maybe next year. I will see. Hope you have a wonderful harvest.
Oh yea, didn't the guys do great at the band concert? Go percussion!

Lauren said...

Wow!! Your garden looks great. We'll be happy to take whatever you can't eat, freeze or can off your hands!! ;)

I want a lemon tree SOOO bad. I saw them at Lowe's the other day and wanted to buy one... I think we have enough projects on our hands for now with moving, etc.
thanks for keeping us updated!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

This is amazing. W-O-W. I must say, I'm also craving a lemon tree right now! (Speaking of which, this reminds me of Waterworld.)

I'm completely impressed and inspired. So far I only have peppers and tomatoes planted. And one blueberry bush. We got off to a late start!!