Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This and That

I keep thinking I need to post something... but I don't really have any earth shattering news or exciting events to write about. Wait! My oldest was talking at the dinner table last night and with his exuberant hand-waving, completely flipped over his plate of spaghetti. Most of it flipped into the butter tub. That's it. That's our exciting event. Is your heart racing?

For our family, the end of April and then through May is probably our busiest time of year. As we wind down our home school, warm weather taunts us as we get our algebra and spelling finished. And, it's time for my yearly "Project Surge". I am suddenly inspired to get busy with all these projects I keep seeing around the house. But, I. must. stay. focused... I've got to finish up May before I can tackle the fun stuff. That doesn't mean there's been no fun around here. My garden is up and running and I must say that I'm just tickled with it. Everything looks really good and we found beans poking through the fresh soil yesterday. I transplanted my cantaloupes today and will get a few marigolds in this weekend. See... not all work and no play.

I also had a birthday last Saturday. The yearly melancholy-ness came and went without too much ado... Birthdays and Mother's Days without a mother stink. But, my family came through and I had a lovely day. The weather was beautiful, and I felt loved.


Shan said...

Oh, Happy Birthday late Trish! I meant to get on Facebook and send birthday wishes and then missed a day or two. You are a fabulous lady and only getting better with each new year of wisdom! :)

I recommend more gardening and less Algebra for a happy soul.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Yes, Trish, happy birthday again! And thank you for your birthday wishes to me as well. (You know we'll never forget each others', isn't that nice??)

I know what you mean-- this is definitely our busiest time of year. Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe. I mean, it's great and fun, but also almost suffocating at times. And, really, my problem is that I have too much to post about, and I feel bogged just thinking about it. ;-)

The garden IS exciting!!!