Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let the games begin!

Well, it's begun. Every time we agree to this, we know what we're getting in to. But, it doesn't make it any easier! It's time for.....Baseball. Take all the practices and games, and add them to the other stuff, and you have about 8 weeks of whirlwind activity. Now that we have 2 playing, and of course, they aren't on the same league, we have double the fun!! However, seeing them in their little uniforms, having a ball...well, I must say, it's fun. And, I might as well just watch the game because there's no way I can do anything else while I'm at a game. I've taken books, my planner, etc...and it's just one more thing to carry. So, I just watch my little guys. And believe me, if they hit, catch, or do anything out of the ordinary, they'll notice if I'm not watching. Do you remember when you used to sort of shake your head when you had little kids and your friends with older kids complained about how busy they were with their kids' sports? I would say to myself, "Just don't sign up! No one is forcing you to do this." Well, I continue to eat my words!! And, I'm not complaining...just making observations. Today, we went out to the field at 8:15 for team pictures. The wind was blowing...oh, I don't know... 100 MPH!!!!! Everyone had tears running out of their eyes. We left the second after the pictures were over and skipped opening day ceremonies. Here's a video of Sam's first homerun last year. Keep in mind that it was a totally "infield" homerun. At this age, baseball is pretty much error after error! So, while the other team was throwing the ball over each other's heads, Sam made a homerun. Enjoy!

Otherwise, we are just counting the days till we're done with school. Next week is state testing, so our schedule is out the window.


Jerri Dalrymple said...

AWESOME!!! I'm so glad you shared that with us! :0) You are getting pretty high tech...I don't think I could upload a video, LOL!

Melissa Flaming said...

I smiled the whole time I watched that sweet little Sam!! I know the feeling! It was so good to see that familiar baseball field! Made me miss Siloam and our dear friends. Was that Roger hoopin' and hollerin'? Miss you guys!!

Adelia said...

I find myself looking back at comments or thoughts I've had about the busyness of sports and activities as well. I mean the "don't sing up" seems really simple, but it's not now is it?! We're not in baseball...yet. T tried last year until he yelled from center field, "this is so boring, Mom." Maybe T-ball wasn't his thing. We're waiting until next year to get him really going. For now it's backyard ball eventhough he's convinced this is his year; we went with gymnastics know, non-stop flips and jumps...just his style at the moment.