Thursday, January 10, 2008


I don't know what to write... You know, it's been interesting getting my feet wet in the "blogosphere". I read some blogs of people that I know, but also strangers. As I read other blogs, I wonder if I ever come across to people as obnoxious? Ok, maybe these people aren't obnoxious, but they have very strong opinions about things. For example, I read a lady's blog and she spoke about childrearing, nursing, discipline, know, all the common parenting issues. Anyway, her convictions were so strong that it was offensive. My quandry is, as a reader, should I respond? What usually happens is that I think that I will write this wonderful, intelligent response that will certainly help her see the error of her ways. She'll see the light and come to her senses. Then, after I've written about 3 sentences, I realize that if a complete stranger wrote to me, I'd probably blow it off. So, then I just delete everthing I planned to post and go on.
OK, so what's been going on that is not obnoxious? Well...Katie and I had a mother/daughter getaway last weekend. My heart is so full when I think about her growing up! I'm getting tears just sitting here thinking about it! She turned 11 in November and I decided it was time for "the talk". I know, I know... She's only 11!!!! Believe me, I hated to do it...but it would just break my heart if she began her time of the month and didn't know what it was. Some of her friends are already there. Since she doesn't go to school, she really had no knowledge at all, which is great! Also, we talked about where babies come from. She was sufficiently repulsed, which is also great! The only real problem is that I could hardly keep from crying every time we began to talk about her growing up! I sure love that girl! To celebrate the weekend, she got her ears pierced. We had a great time. I used Family Life Today's Passport to Purity. We only did the sessions concerning friends, peer pressure, and sex. We'll do the sessions on dating in a few years....many years!
Monday it was back to the has been good. I had a meeting tonight, but not a lot going on this week. I love it! Zane has a swim meet on Sat., but that's about it.
And, you may be wondering how my resolutions are going. We'll, do you remember how you'd go to church camp every summer and "rededicate" your life to the Lord? I going to have to rededicate my resolutions. I'm going to bed earlier than usual, but not as early as I should. I'm going to work on it though. Of course, if you look at the time this was posted, you'll see that I'm not doing well. Perhaps I should say good night.


Jerri Dalrymple said...

Hey!! Welcome to the blog world! :0) I just "stumbled" upon you...gotta get out there, girl! By the, I'll try to get my stuff from you Mon. night at the MUMS meeting. I ended up having to send dh to pick up angel food today b/c something else came up.

AfricaBleu said...

Hey Trish,
I hear ya. Casey and I took Molly out last weekend for a "purity ceremony." I created a Bible study with verses to answer questions like, what does God have to say about purity? Why stay pure? How do you stay pure?, etc. She looked up the verses and we discussed them, then we had her read and sign a purity contract I had cobbled together from one on the internet. We presented her with a tanzanite and gold ring from India, that Casey put on her "wedding" finger. It was a really special time. Later, I bought a short Bible study book on purity and she is working on that every morning.

We had already decided to do the courting/hanging out rather than dating scene, and the workbook I got her addressed those issues.

They are growing up fast, aren't they?