Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming Out of the Fog

Has it really been 10 days since my last post? Well, the last thing I remember is reading my friend, Shelley's blog about how her daughter had been sick. Well, after that, my daughter became feverish. The next day, I became feverish. One by one, we each (except for Zack) fell victim to fever, chills, cough, aches, pains, etc... So, after a week, I'm actually able to look around and see clearly. Wow! We've never had so many, so sick. The first day, I spent the whole day in bed. After that, it was just a 4 hour cycle I would begin to feel feverish, I'd take my Tylenol. I'd begin to feel better in about 45 minutes...which means I'd have about 2 hours to get things done before my fever would spike again and I'd need to take my meds again. Add to that the fact that there were 5 other people doing the same thing and you can imagine that we were all just kind of bumping each other in our fever-induced fog. I just feel so tired! We got a little bit of school done during our little snippets of lucidity. Of course, now that we're on our way out of this fog, I look around and the house has gone down the drain! I actually cooked a meal tonight. I did 3 loads of laundry today. I bagged up 2 bags of trash. I swept. I cleaned the kitchen. I took Zane to band. We did our school work. We did piano lessons. So, basically, life is getting back to normal...hopefully.


Sherri said...

Ugh! So sorry you were all sick.
Glad that you are up and around and feeling better! See you Thursday night.

Lynn said...

Trish----sure hope you feel better. Maybe it was good you were all sick together, instead of spreading it out over weeks & weeks. Looking forward to coming over and stamping with you! Lynn PS---what is the purpose of typing in those "wavy" letters at the bottom of some blogs??