Monday, May 10, 2010

More Randomness...

What's goin' on here? I'm glad you asked.

--Went to a local dairy and bought 3 gallons of fresh milk...just to try it out. We let it sit overnight and then skimmed the cream off the top. Fresh butter...nice! The kids seem to like it. I'm optimistic this might work out...

--Made cards with some lovely ladies Friday night. I have fabulously creative friends.

--Went to a mini-reunion on Saturday to see several of my high school girlfriends. It's amazing how quickly a person can revert to adolescent silliness :-) It's a good thing my kids weren't with me to see me spiral downward.

--Mother's Day = Awesome Day. Awesome kids. Awesome husband. Thank you God.

--Mother's Day = Sad... Still think about my mother every day.

--Only 5 days of home schooling left! Must. Keep. Going...

--Severe weather predicted here tonight. If anyone needs a basement, you're welcome to come over. We can make cards!


Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

For starters, they keep changingthe forecast. The storms were supposed to start by noon.... then by 6pm... and now there's only a 40-50% chance. Why do I bother even checking the weather stations in Arkansas? It should just stay at 50% chance all the time. ;-)

May I ask how the milk prices compare? I'd love to try it, but I'm afraid we could never live organically simply because of the cost involved. :-( I guess the little steps we make are better than nothing, right? :-)

Glad you had a fantastic Mother's Day, Trish. I hope your heart can heal more every day, after the loss of your mom.

Suzanne said...

We love the fresh milk. I little more inconvenient to go get...but worth it. And health wise it seemed to be much better.

Had a great time with you all. Always good to have some creative time and where better than stampin heaven in the basement? :)

I thought about you and prayed for your heart over the weekend.

Mr. Allen did wonderful this Mother's Day. I'm so proud of him:)